EthosData Virtual Data Room Review

EthosData is a service that was founded in the UK in 2007. This is a virtual data room designed for a wide audience: banks, law firms, corporations, and startups. It is very easy to carry out mergers and acquisitions here. In addition, the program helps users to make decisions easier, as it has special algorithms for analytics.

App design

The program runs on both mobile devices and desktop computers. Its design is simple and concise simultaneously; white and blue are chosen as the default primary colors. This harmonious combination does not hurt the eyes and is as simple as possible for human perception.

The program window consists of two vertical fields (hierarchically – first a vertical menu with main items, then a vertical menu with the current project). The vertical margins are on the left. Most of the work screen is occupied by the work area, where you can study a specific project in detail.

Project window

Each project looks like a separate folder in the program, where you can view documents, edit them, leave comments, and the like. The virtual data room administrator controls access to each individual folder. Most often, it is implied that access must be restricted: in this case, some users can only view documents, some download, and some edit right in the virtual data room.

General information about the project

If necessary, you can get a complete summary of information on the project with just one click. As a result, a slice appears that contains data on the number of files, pages, memory occupied, users, invited users, and administrators.

Opportunities for meetings and networking

Often, while working on a project, the team needs to communicate. To do this, EthosData has integrations that allow you to chat and even arrange small conferences. This approach has two advantages: no one is distracted from work, and all information discussed is confidential.

Data storage security

Statistics show that classic cloud storage for “domestic needs” is easily hacked. However, in the case of EthosData, this is not possible. This is due to the localization of servers and external means of protection against data theft.

Good support

You can ask for help around the clock – the support service works in many languages ​​worldwide, so users from any country will receive advice. In addition, you can communicate by phone or chat.

Affordable price

You can get started with the EthosData Virtual Data Room for as little as $200 per month. This minimum tariff is suitable for a small company with up to 10-20 employees. You can also use the free trial version of the program to see if it suits you or not.

Good reviews

The program is popular for its user-friendly design, low cost compared to competitors, support service (round the clock), and huge functionality. In addition, ease of use captivates many users who have tried more complex products.

Many note the usefulness of this software for classic procedures such as due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, internal audit of the company, and so on.

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