Virtual data room: you need to know that

Virtual data rooms are services that help secure transactions and store documents. However, skeptics still do not believe in the efficacy and safety of VDR. Therefore, we debunk popular myths about these services.

Myth 1. The cloud system is in no way protected from confidential data leakage

This is a typical excuse for a negligent employee who gives out his identification data, sets the same password for everything from a mailbox to Internet banking, and writes down passwords on business cards. Well, the cloud, in this case, is powerless. An attacker can intercept, forge, and distort data. However, practice shows that all this is “treated” at the user level – by introducing painful fines for distributing registration data to colleagues and using too concise passwords.

Myth 2. VDR is easy to hack

A multi-tenant cloud database inevitably means that a flaw in one client’s application exposes attackers to that client’s data and all other cloud users.

Trustworthy SaaS corporations do not keep all the information on one server and organize traffic encryption (HTTPS protocols using SSL certificates), which does not allow it to be intercepted.

Myth 3. Data can be physically lost

Data in the cloud can be lost due to a fire, flood, revolution, and so on. And no SaaS corporation can prevent such an apocalypse.

This myth is easy to disprove because in the right cloud, there is always the possibility of backup (daily, automatically, at least twice a day), and the databases are securely stored (see paragraph above). So one call to technical support will be enough to restore the loss. However, much more problems can arise if a user who securely encrypts his data before uploading it to the cloud suddenly loses the encryption key.

Myth 4: Cloud services are too slow

Cloud services are extremely slow, and you don’t want to pay every month for the maintenance of the cloud.

Cloud slowness can only be associated with low-quality Internet and cumbersome requirements for processing confidential information. In the first case, the problem is solved by the right choice of an Internet provider, in the second, by the right choice of a cloud provider.

Myth 5. Data can be easily stolen from VDRs

There is always a human factor. But what if someone from the responsible persons working in the organization – the provider of cloud services, wants to harm his company and customers and drain the data in the literal sense into the street?

The human factor is indeed often the cause of many problems. That is why in the IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS environment, the most serious attention is paid to the selection of personnel and the organization of multi-stage access to information.

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